Job CodeJob Description
6647Academic Leader in Medical Education – Obstetrics and Gynecology
0293Administrative Analyst III – Anesthesiology – Administration, Teaching & Research
0293Administrative Analyst III – Emergency Medicine
0293Administrative Analyst III – Gastroenterology – Clinical
0293Administrative Analyst III – General Medicine
0293Administrative Analyst III – Hospital Medicine
0293Administrative Analyst III – Medical Education Administration
0293Administrative Analyst III – Medicine – Renal Diseases
0293Administrative Analyst III – Surgery – Administration
0293Administrative Analyst III – Family Practice – Administration
0293Administrative Analyst III – Trauma and Burn
0048Administrative Assistant III – ACHN (Sengestacke)
0048Administrative Assistant III – Professional Education
0048Administrative Assistant III – Verification Coordinator
0048Administrative Assistant III – Credentials Coordinator – Medical Staff Services
0051Administrative Assistant IV – Administration
0050Administrative Assistant IV – Clinical & Anatomical Services Administration
0050Administrative Assistant IV – Clinical Laboratories
0051Administrative Assistant IV – Integrated Care
0050Administrative Assistant IV – Nursing
0050Administrative Assistant IV – Nursing Services Administration
0050Administrative Assistant IV – Pathology – Clinical & Anatomical Services Administration
0050Administrative Assistant IV – Rheumatology
0048Administrative-Assistant – III – Medical Staff Services
0048Administrative-Assistant – III – Pediatrics
4580Administrative Coordinator III
3990Advanced Practice Nurse – Adult Cardiology – Clinical
3990Advanced Practice Nurse – Ambulatory & Community Health Network – General Medicine Clinic
3993Advanced Practice Nurse – Certified Nurse Anesthetist – Anestheiology & Pain Management
3990Advanced Practice Nurse – General Medicine – Geriatric
3990Advanced Practice Nurse – Nurse Practioner – Surgery
3990Advanced Practice Nurse – Orthopedics
3990Advanced Practice Nurse – Palliative Medicine
3990Advanced Practice Nurse – Plastic Surgery
3990Advanced Practice Nurse – Rheumatology
3990Advanced Practice Nurse – Trauma and Burn
6815Advanced Practice Provider Credentialing Specialist
67866786 Assisted Outpatient Treatment Case Manager
6785Assisted Outpatient Treatment Project Manager
6759Associate Director of Correctional Psychiatry – Cermak Health Services
1652Attending Physician – Correctional Psychiatrist
1640Attending Physician 10 – Pulmonary and Critical Care
1640Attending Physician 10 – Surgery Breast Oncology
1637Attending Physician 7 – Endocrinology – Clinical
1637Attending Physician 7 – Family and Community Medicine
6544Attending Physician 7 – Family Medicine
1637Attending Physician 7 – Hospitalist
1639Attending Physician IX – Emergency Medicine
1636Attending Physician VI – Ambulatory and Community Helath Network (ACHN)
1636Attending Physician VI – Cermak Health Services
1636Attending Physician VI – Family Medicine
65456545 Attending Physician X – OB/GYN General
6549Attending Physician IX Adult Cardiology Clinical
6547Attending Physician XII – Radiology
1636Attending Physician VI – Neonatology – Hospitalist
1636Attending Physician VI – Pediatrics – Child Protective Services
1636Attending Physician VI – Primary Care
1636Attending Physician VI – Ruth M Rothstein CORE Center
1637Attending Physician VII – Psychiatrist
6546Attending Physician VII (SC) Hospital Medicine
1638Attending Physician VIII – Cermak Health Services
6548Attending Physician VIII SC – Medicine
6561Attending Physician X – SC – Pulmonary and Critical Care
1640Attending Physician XI – Ophthalmology Vitreoretinal Specialist
1642Attending Physician XII – Anesthesiology and Pain Management
6547Attending Physician XII – SC
1642Attending Physician XII – Gastroenterology
1642Attending Physician XII – Ophthalmonlogy Surgeon
6547Attending Physician XII – SC – Hospitalist – Medicine
6547Attending Physician XII – SC – Radiology – Oak Forest
1642Attending Physician XII – Trauma and Burn
6547Attending Physician XII SC – Colon Rectal
6547Attending Physician XII SC – Gastronenterology Clinical
6547Attending Physician XII SC – Hospitalist Medicine
6547Attending Physician XII SC – Oral Maxillofacial Surgery
6547Attending Physician XII SC – Radiology Oak Forest
1637Attending PhysicianVII – Pediatrics – Adolescent Medicine
6544Attending Pyysician VI – SC – Family Medicine
6544Attending Pyysician VI – SC – Primary Care
6784Behavioral Health Integration Manager
2420Building Service Supervisor – Cermak Health Services
2143Building Service Worker – Cermak Health Services
2146Building Services Leader
6683Call Center Document Processor – Finance Revenue Cycle
6485Call Center Manager
6487Call Center Trainer
6702Care Coordinator – Disability
6703Care Coordinator – Elderly
1518Caseworker Mang Unit – Outpatient MANG
6758Chair of Section of Palliative Care
8075Chief Executive Officer Managed Care
8072Chief Communications Marketing Officer Administratraion Communications
8079Chief Medical Officer – Managed Care
8087Chief Operating Officer – Correctional Health Services
8093Chief Procurement Officer Procurement
8094Chief Strategy Officer
5505Clinical Case Manager – Ambulatory Care Coordination
5505Clinical Case Manager – Extended Care Management
5505Clinical Case Manager – Integrated Care Management
5505Clinical Case Manager – Managed Care
5401Clinical Lab Transfusion Services Supervisor – Blood Bank
5402Clinical Laboratory Pre-Analytical (Phlebotomy) Supervisor I
5395Clinical Laboratory Specialty Services System Manager – Anatomic Pathology
1941Clinical Nurse I
1941Clinical Nurse I – ACHN
1941Clinical Nurse I – Emergency Room
1941Clinical Nurse I – Gyne 4N
1941Clinical Nurse I – Maternal Child – Neonatal ICU
1941Clinical Nurse I – Med Surg
1941Clinical Nurse I – Neuro ICU
1941Clinical Nurse I – Operating Room
1941Clinical Nurse I – Patient Care Services
1941Clinical Nurse I – Trauma Resuscitation
1942Clinical Nurse II – Patient Care Services
9619Clinical Nurse I – Pediatric Emergency Medicine
1941Clinical Nurse I – Post Anesthesiology Recovery Ward 70 & 80
1941Clinical Nurse I – Surgery Nursing – General Surgery – Cardiac – Telemetry – Unit 8E
1942Clinical Nurse II
1942Clinical Nurse II – General Medicine Unit 6 E
1942Clinical Nurse II – Nursing Critical Care Adults – Burn Unit – ICU
1942Clinical Nurse II – Patient Care Services
1941Clinical Nurse II – Surgery Nursing – General Surgery – Orthopedics – Unit 8S
0416Communications Manager – Communications
6795Community Based Nurse Care Coordinator
6795Community Based Nurse Care Coordinator – Ambulatory Care Coordination
6811Community Based Social Work Care Coordinator
6811Community Based Social Work Care Coordinator – Ambulatory
6810Community Health Worker
5584Compensation Manager
5783Compliance Anaylst
8103Compliance Officer – CountyCare Compliance
1101Computer Operator I
1102Computer Operator II
1103Computer Operator III – Hospital Information Systems (HIS)
1815Consultant Physician – Emergency Medicine
1815Consultant Physician – Neurosurgery
1815Consultant Physician – Ophthalmology
1815Consultant Physician – Palliative Care Medicine
1815Consultant Physician – Pediatric Emergency Medicine
1815Consultant Physician – Pediatric Surgery
1815Consultant Physician – Psychiatry
1815Consultant Physician – Pulmonary Medicine – TB
1815Consultant Physician – Radiology
1919Correctional Medical Tech IV
2063Correctional Medical Technician II – Patient Care Services – Intake
5431Correctional Psychologist
1500Dental Assistant – Oral Health
4880Dentist IV
8104Designated Institutional Official – Administration
2137Dietitian II
8105Director of Complex Care Coordination – Ambulatory Care Coordination
8106Director of Emergency Management – Emergency Management
6803Director of Emergency Room and Trauma – Emergency
6693Director of Environmental Services
8107Director of Emergency Management – Emergency Management
4825Director of Epidemiology
8095Director of Medicaid – Medicare and Managed Care Policy
6632Director of Non-Invasive Services – Cardiology
5411Director of Patient Relations – Quality and Patient Safety
8108Director of Patient Safety – Quality and Patient Safety
5350Director of Perioperative Services
8109Director of Provider – Network Management Administration
8110Director of Psychiatry – Managed Care County-Care
8111Director of Quality – Regulatory Affairs and Accreditation Quality and Patient Safety
5341Director of Quality Improvement – Cermak Health Services
8112Director of Quality Improvement – Hospital Based Services – Quality and Patient Safety
8061Director of Regional Operations OFHC – South Sub Cluster 2017
8062Director of Regional Operations – South Cluster 2017
8113Director of Rehabilitation Services – Physical Therapy – Main
8063Director of Revenue Cycle
8064Director of Risk Management
8065Director of Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center Outpatient Services
8096Director of Medicaid – Medicare and Managed Care Policy
8066Director of Supply Chain Operations Logistics
8067Director of Support Services
8068Director of System Integration – Support Supply Chain
8069Director of Value Analysis
8114Director of Women Infants Children WIC Program – ACHN
8070Director of Workforce Strategy Talent Acquisition
6757Director, Medical Intensive Care Unit
2068Emergency Response Technician
2068Emergency Response Technician – Patient Care Services
2064Emergency Room Technician II
4110Epidemologist Senior
8115Director of Women Infants Children WIC Program – ACHN
8073Executive Director of Facilities
8071Executive Director of Clinical Shared Services
8074Executive Director of Government Affairs
8116Executive Director of Network Management Administration
5508Executive Assistant
8092Executive Assistant to Executive Director of Communications
8117Executive Enterprise Business Application Officer – Hospital Information Systems
6833Financial Analyst – Finance – Finance
2132Food Service Worker
8076General Counsel
4826Health Advocate – Inpatient – Post Anesthesiology Recovery Ward 70 & 80
6525Health Information Coding Supervisor – Health Information Management
6456Help Desk Manager
6652Home-Community Based Waiver Services Manager
5388House Administrator
5358HR Receptionist
6958Human Resources Operations Manager
5377Human Resources Specialist
3999In House Registry
6677In-House Registry Nurse – Perioperatvie-Endoscopy
6677In-Huse Registry Nurse – Adult Emergency Services Nursing
5479Interventional Cardiologist
8077IT Operations Officer
8123Juvenile Justice Behavioral Health Director – Juvenile Temporary Detention Center
1842Laboratory Technician III HUB Laboratory – 1
6476Lactation Consultant – Obstetrics and Gynecology – Pediatrics
6905Lead Abatement Coordinator
0191Librarian V – Medical Education – Tice Library
1966Licensed Practical Nurse II – Patient Care Services
6649Lung Health Educator
6773Manager Clinical Excellence & Performance Improvement
6808Manager of Complex Care Coordination
6436Manager of Extended Care Services – Integrated Care
6435Manager of Inpatient Care Coordination
6775Manager of Women, Infant & Children (WIC) Program
6694Manager, Envoronmental Services
5296Medical Assistant – ACHN
6983Medical Assistant, Bilingual – Ambulatory Community Health Network
8078Medical Director – Ambulatory Services
8118Medical Director – Regional Center – Provident-Hospital
8119Medical Director of Employee Health – Services Administration
1523Medical Social Worker II – Ruth M. Rothstein CORE Center
1524Medical Social Worker III – ACHN
1524Medical Social Worker III – Inpatient
1524Medical Social Worker III – Integrated Care
1526Medical Social Worker V – Mental Health Services
1845Medical Technolgist III – Hemotology
1845Medical Technolgist III – Point of Care Testing (POCT) – Pathology
1843Medical Technologist I
1843Medical Technologist I – Medicine Echocardiography
1843Medical Technologist I – Pathology – Chemistry
1843Medical Technologist I – Pathology – Hematology
1844Medical Technologist II
1845Medical Technologist III – Blood Bank
1845Medical Technologist III – Pathology
1845Medical Technologist III (Cath Lab) – Medicine – Cardiology
1845Medical Technologist III (Chemistry) Pathology
6010Mental Health Specialist III – Cermak Health Services
1610Mental Health Specialist III – Mental Health Services
1608MRI Technician
6457Network Engineer
8080Network Information Officer Information Systems.Information-Technology
2078Nuclear Medicine Technician Senior
1943Nurse Clinician – Labor, Delivery, Reccovery & Observation
6886Nurse Care Coordinator HIV AIDS
5384Nurse Coordinator II – Burn Unit – ICU
5384Nurse Coordinator II – Medicine Nursing (aka: Med/Surg)
5384Nurse Coordinator II – Nursing
5384Nurse Coordinator II – OR Endoscopy
5384Nurse Coordinator II – Perioperative Service
5384Nurse Coordinator II – TRAUMA
5384Nurse Coordinator II Neonatal Intensive Care
8120Operations Counsel – Administration
2041Occupational Therapist I
2452Operating Engineer II
8081Operating Officer Provident
1964Operating Room Technician – Labor Delivery and Recovery
2055Ophthalmic Elec & Vision Technician
6687Ophthalmic Surgical Coordinator
6809OR Throughput – Flow Coordinator
4155Pathologist Extender II
6641Patient Access Quality Management Coordinator – Financial Services Admissions
6517Patient Access Trainer
6439Patient Care Navigator I – Integrated Care
6644Patient Financial Services Quality Management Coordinator
6746Patient Transportation Coordinator
6520Payroll Coordinator
4718Pharmacy Supervisor
1951Pharmacy Technician
1914Physical Therapist Assistant
2035Physical Therapist II
1829Physician – Surgery – Minimally Invasive Surgery
6567Physician – Surgery – SC – Urologist
1829Physician – Surgery – Trauma Adminstration
0048Administrative Assistance III – Pediatrics
1816Physician Assistant – Med.Surg
1816Physician Assistant I – ACHN
1816Physician Assistant I – Surgery
6445Prior Authorization Nurse
8082Privacy Officer
6756Provider Scheduling Coordinator
6738Psychiatric Social Worker – Psychiatry
2024Public Health Educator III
1971Public Health Nurse I – Public Health
2050Radiology Scheduler Supervisor
2077Radiologic Technician Senior
2077Radiologic Technician Senior – Cermak
69656965 Recovery Coach
4721Regional Health Officer – Department of Public Health
6929Research Database Support Coordinator
6250Residency Program Coordinator Medical Education Administration
2036Respiratory Therapy
2028Sanitarian II
2033Santarian IV – Public Health
8083Secretary to the Board
8084Secretary Information Officer
8085Senior Director of Finance
8086Senior Director oF Imaging Services
8121Senior Director of Laboratory – Medicine Laboratory
8122Senior Director of Network Management – Administration
8088Senior Director of Sponsored Programs – Clinical Research
6447Senior Financial Analyst – Managed Care-County Care
5376Senior Human Resources Coordinator
6678Senior Project Manager
8089Senior Labor Employment Counsel
5446Site Manager Patient Access II – Finance -Revenue Cycle
6873Social Work Transitional Care Coordinator
2141Special Procedures Technician – Mammography
4780Sterile Processing Technician – Perioperative
5307System Compliance Coordinator
1113Systems Analyst IV – Lab – System Hospital Information Systems
6987Technical Supervisor-CT/MRI
8090Technology Information Officer
5929Third Party Billing & Followup Representative – Finance
4012Transportation Services Manager – CCHHS
6763Utliization Management Program Manager – Managed Care
4828Ward Clerk
4828Ward Clerk – JTDC Administration