Whether you are dealing with the pain of arthritis or suffered a sport injury, Cook County Health’s Orthopedics team is ready to help.

Orthopedics focuses on the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and the correction of deformities of the bones.
Patients with joint dislocations, fractures, soft tissue injuries, infectious conditions and rheumatologic diseases may be referred to an orthopedic physician. Orthopedics also includes reconstruction of joints that have been severely damaged by arthritis.
Living with a painful ache or injury is difficult and often unnecessary. It is important that patients seek the attention of a medical professional if they have experienced some sort of trauma to the bone, joint, tendon or nerve, or if they are experiencing chronic joint or bone pain. With the help of a Cook County Health physician, patients can improve their mobility and quality of life.
Depending on the patient’s diagnosis, Cook County Health offers comprehensive orthopedic treatment ranging from minimally invasive to full reconstruction procedures.

Our Expertise

  • Arthroscopic knee, elbow, wrist and shoulder surgeries
  • Complex fracture surgeries
  • Full range of hand and wrist procedures
  • Hip, knee, joint and shoulder replacements
  • Treatment for athletic/sports injuries
To schedule an appointment, contact Cook County Health at (312) 864-0200.