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Dr. Jay Shannon

Chief Executive Officer, Cook County Health

A pulmonary critical care physician, Dr. Shannon was appointed CEO of Cook County Health in June 2014. He has spent most of his professional career at John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital, holding several roles since joining the health system in 1990. Under Dr. Shannon’s leadership, Cook County Health continues a transformative journey, working to reform and modernize its operations and improve the quality of health care. He has led Cook County Health in developing an innovative and integrative approach to the fulfillment of the system’s mission by aligning its role as a provider of care, both in traditional and correctional settings, a public health authority and a health plan.

Dr. Jeffrey Schaider

Chair, Emergency Medicine

Since graduating from medical school, Dr. Schaider’s entire career has been spent in the Illinois Medical District. In addition to practicing medicine and directing the emergency department at Cook County Health, Dr. Schaider has served as the chairman of the education committee of the American College of Emergency Physicians and has authored and edited three widely used emergency medicine textbooks.

Dr. Lakshmi Warrior

Chair, Neurology 

As Cook County Health’s chairman of the Department of Neurology, Dr. Warrior is an expert in treating patients with neurologic conditions including stroke, dementia, HIV-associated neurologic disease, epilepsy and headache. She leads a hospital-wide collaboration of specialists involved with the care of stroke patients. Dr. Warrior was instrumental in the creation of the Cook County Health Stroke Clinic, a once-a-week, multidisciplinary clinic with the goal of providing comprehensive care to stroke patients.

Dr. Elizabeth Marcus

Chair, Breast Oncology

Dr. Marcus is an expert in oncology who specializes in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. She is the chair of the division of Breast Oncology at Cook County Health. A practiced and meticulous surgeon, Dr. Marcus has expertise in treating locally advanced breast cancer and conducting research to improve multidisciplinary treatment. She is particularly focused on underserved populations and serves as a subject matter expert on improving care delivery to minority communities as a member of the National Cancer Institute Breast Cancer Steering Committee.

Dr. Steven Aks

Chair, Toxicology 

Dr. Aks is an expert in medical toxicology and has overseen the training of more than 1,400 residents and 700 students in Cook County Health’s medical toxicology rotation since 1990. He directs the Illinois Poison Center Toxikon Consortium, a partnership between Cook County Health, the University of Illinois at Chicago and the Illinois Poison Center, which offers one of the nation’s few toxicology fellowships and trains all emergency medicine residents in the city of Chicago. Dr. Aks also supports the Illinois Poison Center with additional clinical expertise on the most challenging cases of poisoning.

Dr. Faran Bokhari

Chair, Trauma and Burn

Dr. Bokhari is the chair of the Cook County Health Trauma & Burn unit, the first comprehensive trauma unit in the country. He specializes in abdominal closures and massive transfusions for critically injured patients. Because of the unit’s high standard of care and the volume of patients, the trauma unit was the second hospital in the country to train Navy surgeons to treat combat injuries. Dr. Bokhari seeks out ways to aid hospitals in other countries.

Media Contacts

Caitlin Polochak,
Communications Manager

(312) 864-4783

Kate Hedlin, 
Communications Manager

(312) 864-0938

Elizabeth Pedersen, 
Communications Manager

(312) 864-3346

Caryn Stancik,
Chief Communications & Marketing Officer 

(312) 864-0931

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The Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”) is a state law that provides all persons with access to public records.
It is the general policy of the Cook County Health that all persons are entitled to full and complete copies of, or the right to inspect, the public records in the health system’s possession or under its control, within the parameters of the law. 
Further information on the Freedom of Information Act can be found at Illinois Compiled Statutes at 5 ILCS 140/1. 
Request for Public Records 
All FOIA requests for public records must be in writing and must include the name, mailing address or other contact information of the requester, and a description of the public records requested. 
For Records of the Cook County Department of Public Health, please contact: 
FOIA Officer
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For all other requests, please contact: 
Cook County Health – General Counsel 
Attention: FOIA request
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Where it is anticipated that fees to the requester will exceed $25, the requester shall be notified of the amount of the anticipated fee. The requester shall be extended the opportunity to modify the request. 

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Protocol for Members of the Media

At Cook County Health, it is important to protect our patients’ privacy and safety at all times.
To ensure this is achieved, we require members of the media to follow our protocol below. This includes interviewing, photographing, videotaping, requesting hospital information and updates on a patient’s condition.
  • Interviews and photo shoots must be scheduled in advance with our Communications Team for all patients, staff and providers.
  • When you arrive at one of our Cook County Health locations, you will be greeted by a member of our Communications Team either near the main entrance or another agreed upon location. For the John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital of Cook County, please meet near the Emergency Department entrance. A Communications Team member will escort you to the designated location and remain with at all times during your visit.
  • A consent form must be signed before a patient can be interviewed or photographed.
  • If the presence of media seems as though it will interfere with the care of the patient at any time, the Communications Team may ask you to leave.
We appreciate your cooperation to respect the privacy and safety of our patients at Cook County Health.
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