The Toxikon Medical Toxicology Program provides comprehensive postgraduate fellowship training in medical toxicology for qualified physicians.

Fellows will be able to perform at a high level as both bedside and outpatient practitioners of medical toxicology.
They will develop the skills to serve as medical back-up for poison control centers, and understand the skills needed to be a medical director. Also, fellows will be highly skilled in reading the literature critically and will have the necessary tools to contribute to the ongoing body of evidence in the medical toxicology literature alongside the finest academic instructors in the area.  


Steve Aks, DO  
Toxikon Consortium Director, Fellowship Director 
Michele Kanter, PharmD  
Toxikon Consortium Coordinator, Rotation Coordinator 
Sean Bryant, MD  
Associate Medical Director, Illinois Poison Center 
Mark Mycyk, MD  
Director of Research 
Jenny Lu, MD  
Resident and Student Education 
Hilda Nino-Omana  
Administrative Support 

Program Contact

Trevor Lewis, MD
Interim Chair, Emergency Medicine