CCH understands the importance of patient satisfaction at CCH and we are focusing on creating a more patient-centered environment.  In doing so, we are at the point in our revenue cycle transformation where combining the scheduling processes of our primary care and specialty care services into one Centralized Scheduling unit is upon us.

Having a Centralized Scheduling unit will allow CCH the opportunity to move towards independence and to address the issue of us losing calls/missing calls.

The goal of Centralized Scheduling is to enhance the pre-visit, scheduling and referral practices and processes at CCH.

To improve information accuracy and enhance patient experience within the CCH system by appropriate appointment scheduling, reduce patient wait times, reduce call abandonment rates, increase the accuracy of pre-registrations, assure insurance verifications are completed prior to scheduled visit and identify/address any non-covered patients prior to their visit, and compile payer requirements for authorizations (prior to service/visit).  Additionally, the patient experience will be enhanced through an increase in pre-visit referral patients to Financial Counseling and/or Medicaid to assist the patient with their overall well-being, process referrals timely via an outbound call queue to assure timely care delivery, and process standardized templates on a timely basis based on clinic/area needs.  Having a Centralized Scheduling Center would also assist with reducing front-end denials and thus increasing CCH net revenue.

The following clinics are now using the centralized scheduling process:

  • Arlington Heights
  • Prieto
  • Cicero
  • Logan Square
  • Austin

In addition, the ACHN Call Center and the Fantus Call Center staff will be integrated into Centralized Scheduling.  Centralized Scheduling will be rolled out to the remaining clinics on a cluster-basis through the end of the calendar year.