May 2, 2019

As we try and put winter behind us, despite the recent, rainy weather, Cook County Health hopes you put some spring in your step and tackle that preventive care visit you have been putting off.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) made preventive care more affordable and available, yet the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports, “Chronic diseases, such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, are responsible for 7 of every 10 deaths among Americans each year and account for 75% of the nation’s health spending.”

So, how do we narrow this gap?

At Cook County Health, our team of providers sees patients whether they have insurance or not. And, the good news is that when you come in for regular preventive care, you can stay ahead of chronic conditions such as diabetes – a rampant disease in Cook County.

Whether you have insurance or not, do not let that stop you from getting preventive care. To find a provider close to you, call Cook County Health at 312-864-0200.

Please also remember that a healthy, balanced diet, exercise and avoiding tobacco products will help achieve more optimal health.