With the start of the school year right around the corner, Cook County Health is encouraging families to get an annual physical exam and required immunizations for their children.

“An easy way to keep your family healthy is making sure your students get immunizations and back-to-school physicals,” said Dr. Denise Cunill, a pediatrician and medical director at Cook County Healths Logan Square Health Center.  “These visits ensure that your children are able to reach their full potential at school.”

“Vaccinations can protect children against serious illnesses, while regular check-ups give doctors a way to monitor your child’s growth and development and detect any emerging issues early,” added Dr. Tais Crawford, medical director at Cottage Grove Health Center.

In Illinois, school physicals are required for children entering kindergarten, 6th and 9th grades.  Students must also show proof of immunization against vaccine-preventable diseases such as mumps, tetanus, and polio.

A thorough annual physical will record your child’s height and weight, screen for lead and anemia, monitor blood pressure and heart rate, and check the eyes, ears, nose, mouth, teeth, throat, lungs and abdomen.  It is also an opportunity to discuss nutrition, exercise, safety and injury prevention.

CCH has a wide network of expert physicians who can help families prepare for a healthy school year.  To schedule an appointment for your child or to find a CCH provider close to you, contact the CCH Patient Support Center at 312-864-0200.