The Cook County Health (CCH) announced today that Family Health Network’s (FHN)
Medicaid members in Cook County are joining CCH’ Medicaid managed care health plan, CountyCare.


“The partnership with FHN provides a strategic opportunity for CountyCare to combine best practices to provide
person-centered coverage, address pressing population health issues and leverage economies of scale,” said Dr.
Jay Shannon, CEO, CCH. “There are no two plans more philosophically aligned as CountyCare and FHN. The
restructuring of the state Medicaid program provided the impetus for us to work together to ensure the best
outcome for the individuals we have long and proudly served.”


Effective November 1, 2017, more than 160,000 FHN members will transition to CountyCare, resulting in a
combined membership of 300,000 individuals in Cook County. Both CountyCare and FHN have a long history of
caring for the Medicaid population and share the same provider-led care philosophy.


CountyCare and FHN are working closely together to ensure a smooth transition for the members. FHN is
assigning its existing provider contracts to CountyCare to promote continuity of care. CountyCare will accept
existing FHN contracts until providers can be transitioned to new CountyCare contracts.


This partnership is inclusive of FHN’s family health plan and Affordable Care Act adult Medicaid members in
Cook County, as well members of Community Care Alliance of Illinois (CCAI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of FHN
that serves seniors and persons with disabilities who are covered by Medicaid.