Following CDC and FDA guidance, Cook County Health is opening eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine booster to children ages 12-15.

The agencies also recommended that individuals who received the Pfizer vaccine for their initial two doses should get a booster shot five months after their second dose.

Children ages 5-11 who are immunocompromised should receive a third dose of Pfizer vaccine at least 28 days after completion of their primary series.

Cook County Health has now administered more than 948,000 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, including 43,000 booster doses. Everyone ages 12+ should get a booster shot against COVID-19 as data suggests that the effectiveness of the vaccine can decrease over time.

“The COVID-19 vaccine continues to be one of our best tools in the fight against COVID,” said Dr. Gregory Huhn, infectious disease physician and CCH vaccine coordinator. “Since the beginning of the rollout, they have been remarkable for protecting us against severe disease and hospitalization. While overall infection rates have increased in the past month due to the extremely contagious omicron variant, individuals who have been boosted have been largely protected. This speaks to the importance of getting your booster when you are eligible.”

Individuals who received the Moderna vaccine for their initial two doses should get boosted after six months. Individuals who received Johnson & Johnson should get boosted with an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) at two months.

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