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2021 Bids/RFPs

Ref #
Start Date
End Date
H21-0020 Cook County Health Compliance Program seeks a firm or firms with subject matter expertise and a proven record of accomplishment in healthcare compliance for an integrated health system with an academic medical center, clinics, correctional medicine, public health department and on the governmental payer side through a Medicaid Health Plan.
H21-0012 CCH seeks to identify a competitive and qualified proposer to is seeking a qualified Contractor that provide professional consultant staffing to perform account follow-up services on aged outstanding account receivable
H21-0015-Repost Molecular Marker Testing for Thyroid Fine Needle Aspirations-CCH is seeking a provider of molecular testing for pre-operative cytopathologic diagnosis of thyroid nodules suspected for cancer, to establish the need for surgery.
H21-0005 Cook County Health (CCH) seeks an Optical Service Provider to establish maintain and operate a retail optical service in the Professional Buildong at 1950 W. Polk St. Chicago, Illinois.
H21-0015 Molecular Marker Testing for Thyroid Fine Needle Aspirations
H21-0004 Medicare Cost Report for John H. Stroger, Jr. Hospital, Provident Hospital and Cook County Home Office.
H21-0009 Oak Forest Health Campus- CMAR Services
H21-0006 Budget and Reporting System- CCH Seeks a vendor that can implement and provide a healthcare specific budget and reporting system.