The Bridge Clinic at Cook County Health is your entry point into recovery. We act as an urgent care for those struggling with opioid and/or alcohol use. The Bridge Clinic provides rapid access to treatment without judgement.

Common examples of opioids include heroin and prescription pills like oxycodone (Percocet, OxyContin), hydrocodone (Vicodin), codeine, fentanyl, and morphine.

Contact us today if you or a loved one need quick access to addiction treatment services. The Bridge Clinic is here for you, regardless of your ability to pay or your stage in recovery.

Call 911 if you are experiencing an overdose or a medical emergency.


Request AppointmentCall to Make Appointment Walk-InEmail to Request Appointment
يُقدِّم a request online.Call 312-864-4MAT (4628)Walk into the Bridfe Clinic located on the 4th Floor of the مركز روث ام روثستين كور في 2020 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL.Email
سيتواصل معك منسق الرعاية.Monday-Friday 8AM-3PM
Leave a voicemail after hours; text messages not accepted.
Monday-Friday 8AM-2PMسيتواصل معك منسق الرعاية.
Four ways to get in contact with the Bridge Clinic.

Need a ride?

If you are a CountyCare member or have health coverage through Medicare and you need a ride to your appointment, call 312-864-RIDE (7433) to schedule a ride. 24-hour notice is required. Many Medicaid health plans offer free rides. If you have coverage through another health plan, call your insurer to see if you qualify.


The Bridge Clinic at Cook County Health offers rapid treatment for patients struggling with addiction and quick access to evaluation and treatment.

We provide rapid access to medication for addiction treatment (MAT) through in-person visits or telemedicine. Our team can also connect you with a الرعاية الصحية الأولية doctor or specialist and other substance use treatment and support services you may need. After starting MAT, our team will support you to connect to ongoing care closer to home at one of our 12 health center locations throughout Cook County.

What services are offered at the Bridge Clinic?

  • علاج الإدمان المتكامل مع الواصف ومدرب الشفاء
    • Commonly prescribed medications:
      • Buprenorphine [Suboxone ™, Zubsolv™, Sublocade™] for opioid use disorder
      • Naltrexone [Vivitrol™] for opioid and alcohol use disorder
      • Naloxone [Narcan™] for opioid overdose
      • We do not offer methadone treatment but will make a referral when appropriate.
    • Linkage to other substance use treatment and support services including residential, intensive outpatient, peer support, methadone clinics and recovery homes
  • خدمات الرعاية الأولية والمتخصصة:
    • علاجات التهاب الكبد
  • Screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s)
  • Birth Control
  • الوقاية من فيروس نقص المناعة البشرية مع PrEP
  • Lab Tests
  • الوصول إلى الصيدلية للحصول على أدوية منخفضة التكلفة أو بدون تكلفة
  • استشارات مالية

How to get to the Bridge Clinic?

The Bridge Clinic is located at:
مركز روث ام روثستين كور, 4ذ Floor, 2020 شارع دبليو هاريسون ، شيكاغو ، إلينوي 60612

Public Transportation: 50 Damen CTA Bus (Damen and Harrison stop), CTA Blue Line (Illinois Medical District Stop)

Parking is available on site for $5.

ساعات العملية
The Bridge Clinic is your fast entry point into care. Most visits are offered via telehealth, and we can also offer in-person visits at a CCH location convenient to you. 

Walk-in Hours
Monday-Friday 8AM—2PM

Lab HoursMon, Tues, Weds, Thurs: 8:30AM–5:15PM
Fri: 8:30AM–12:30PM
Hours are 8:30 AM -12:30 PM the day before a holiday.

Pharmacy Hours
Mon, Wed, Thurs: 8AM–6:30 PM
Tues: 8AM–7 PM
Fri: 8AM–5 PM
Every 3بحث وتطوير Saturday: 8AM–4PM

مصادر أخرى

Suicide and Crisis Lifeline: 988

مأوى الطوارئ والخدمات الاجتماعية الأخرى في شيكاغو: 311

الخط الساخن للعنف المنزلي: 877-863-6338

خط مساعدة إلينوي (لموارد الصحة السلوكية والإدمان على مستوى الولاية):
833-234-6343 أو أرسل "مساعدة" إلى 833234

يرجى الاتصال برقم 911 إذا كنت تعاني من حالة طبية طارئة.