The need is great, especially during winter and holiday periods, and 60% of the population is medically eligible to give blood, yet only 5% of the national population donates blood! The fact is, that every three seconds someone needs blood.

Without lifesaving blood transfusions, more than 4 million lives would be lost each year to accidents, sickle-cell and blood diseases, and various transplant, cancer and trauma-related surgeries. Patients undergoing open-heart surgery and treatment for burns need blood urgently, as do others, particlarly children being treated for cancer, heart surgery and premature infants.

If you are at least 110 pounds, in good physical health, at least 17 years old, and haven’t donated blood in the last 8 weeks, you are most likely eligible to donate blood (even with a tattoo, since 2010).

Help your community and look for a donation site today: go to or