Carrie Pramuk-Volk

Interim Chief Human Resources Officer

Carrie Pramuk-Volk is the Interim Chief Human Resources Officer.

In this role, she is responsible for HR operational strategy, compliance, policies, and employee relations. She also served as the Interim Chief Human Resources Officer during the first year of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ms. Pramuk-Volk studied biology and psychology at Loyola University and graduated from John Marshall Law School, now University of Illinois Chicago School of Law.

Prior to her current role, Ms. Volk worked for the Cook County Compliance Administrator’s Office for over five years and the Cook County Complaint Administrator’s Office, where she assisted the Court Monitors with implementation of the Supplemental Relief Order issued in Shakman, et al., vs. Cook County, et al., 69 C 2145 (N.D.Ill.).